Change job is not easy to do because if we had a lot of friends in our job it is hard to leave them but if you feel that your job is not working good it is better to find something new than push yourself in your job. There's a lot of reason why some people are changing their jobs like me, I will share my experience when I had a job wherein I end up not happy so I change job for the better.

It is my first time to work in an office. I applied as assistant secretary and I am so happy because they hired me. At first day of work I feel so nervous because I don't know if my workmates will treat me good in the office. I am so afraid to act in the office. Maybe I don't want to make mistakes that will make other's dislike me.

After a week, I manage to have two new friends in my workplace and asked me to join them. But I refused to be in the club because we cannot avoid having one person to force them to like you. Until the time come that my two friends transferred to the other company. I felt alone, but I set aside that problem. The only thing I need to think is to love my new work to in order to maintain this job. But sometimes we cannot avoid the opportunity of others to make your work get worst in the eye of your boss. Some of my officemates got jealous every time our boss is showing to us how proud he is for having me as his staff. I told to myself that "it's ok! I will not give up but this is the last time that they will sabotage my work". Unfortunately, they made it again and this is my reason to change job. I love my job but I can't do my job perfectly if I have someone whom I'm not comfortable working with. My workmates make me miserable and it is so hard for me. When my boss asked me if my reason of quitting the job is because of the salary, he gives me counteroffer. I told him that I want to quit in this job because it's so hard to commute early in the morning and when going out, it's already late in evening (although the true reason is that my workmates wants me out).

If you feel that your current job is not working anymore, may be this is the right time to change job. I decided to find another job to explore myself and to have another experience until I find the new one to be my best.

Be positive always!